76 million dollars fresh water supply project under way in Myeik

Myeik Public Corporation Company will implement a $76 million fresh water supply project in Myeik Township in cooperation with a Thai company, according to an investment forum held in Myeik on November 7 and 8.

Aung Chain, Associate Managing Director of Myeik Public Corporation Company sai, “The company signed an MoU with the regional government on October 31, 2019. Now the feasibility studies are underway in Taninthayi and Myeik Townships. The main purpose of the project is because Myeik township has to rely mainly on tube wells. Underground water may run dry in the long term. Even now the water from tube wells is salty. The project aims to enable people to access healthy water. The report on feasibility studies will be submitted to the regional government within one year. Two freshwater sources are chosen from the Taninthayi River. We will pump the river water from Mawtone and Tonebyaw villages. Water will be sent to Ingamaw village in Myeik Township where the water purifying plant is located. Purified water will then be supplied to Myeik via hilly Shwekadu village. We are working to search for the available water sources near Myeik.”

Myeik Public Corporation Company will jointly implement it with Bright Blue Water Company from Thailand.

“When the project achieves success, we can supply water to new fish and prawn processing factories and ice freeing plants. We can supply water to more than 1,000 fishing boats in Myeik. Thanks to the project, the people in Myeik can use water at a cheaper price. According to the rough calculation, the project will cost 2,300 million Bahts (estimated 76 million US dollars). The water supply will start within one year, he added.

Now, the freshwater price per unit is Ks 1,300 in Myeik.

Source: Eleven Myanmar

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