Myanmar lacks skilled workers, vocational training: minister

The number of skilled workers who pass the National Skills Standards Authority test is increasing every year, but the skilled workforce remains small, Myanmar’s Labour Minister said.

Addressing an event in Mandalay, Minister of Labour, Immigration and Population U Thein Swe said, “Every sector in society needs to cooperate. The government can’t do it alone.”

He said the National Skills Standards Authority tests awarded certificates to 589 workers and five analysts who took the test for 12 types of jobs in Mandalay and northern Myanmar from January to August.

“There will be progress only when they understand the value of skilled workers and if workers appreciate their skills,” he said.

He said the government aims to produce skilled workers with discipline, and employers, employees, the government and civil society need to come up with a skills rating system.

The Myanmar workers skill rating team rated 13,240 workers for Level 1 Proficiency and 1059 workers for Level 2 Proficiency from 2014 to 2019, U Thein Swe said.

Efforts are being made to set standards for skilled and disciplined workers and for developing essential human resources.

“According to those who invest in the country, the shortage of skilled workers remains an obstacle to starting or expanding their businesses. We are getting every business ready to have skilled workers,” U Thein Swe said.

“In our country, vocational training is not easy to access. Most people directly enter an industry and learn by working,” said Ko Soe Win Hlaing, who has a Level 1 certificate as an electricity technician. “There is no systematic learning of whether techniques are correct or not.” – Translated

Source: Myanmar Times

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