ILO to lead research on market sustainability in agriculture

The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Myanmar Women’s Coffee Alliance will jointly conduct research on the work responsibility and market sustainability of Myanmar’s agriculture sector, an ILO executive said.

Daw Aung Su Yi, national coordinator of the ILO Responsible Supply Chains in Asia programme, said the research will determine whether agriculture businesses are implementing standards of responsibility and accountability.

“Policies will be set depending on the results of the research,” she said.

The research, which will be finished in December 2020, will prioritise crop production and seafood production.

Daw Khin Ohmar Moe, chair of the Women’s Coffee Alliance, said it is not difficult to follow the methods taught by the ILO, and they want to generate a report with these guidelines.

“I want to study how wide is the gap between (international) standards and current practices in Myanmar,” she said.

Since Myanmar exports raw materials, social responsibility is factored in the chain of production, she said.

“International buyers consider not only the brand but also how much responsibility has been exercised in producing the products of this brand,” said Daw Khin Ohmar Moe. “Getting a good price in the international market does not depend on quality alone. It also depends on systematic production.”

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Source : Myanmar Times

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