DICA to provide more services online

The Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) plans to digitalise all its services to speed up processes and reduce corruption risks.

“Company registration was changed to digital system in 2018. Next step is for the whole DICA to become digital,” U Thant Sin Lwin, DICA director general, told The Myanmar Times.

“It is for facilitation of the process and assistance to anti-corruption measures and to be of international standard in activities. About one month ago, an instruction to make all payments by cards or online system was released,” he said.

In August 2018, DICA launched its electronic registry system, Myanmar Companies Online (MyCO), simplifying business registration and eliminating unnecessary bureaucratic restrictions.

Now, the plan is to expand the digitalisation process to DICA’s internal works and all procedures for permit application to Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC).

DICA acts as the secretary to the MIC, supporting the commission’s operation. But, an investigation by this paper last year revealed that MIC has yet to systemically disclose investment proposals before approval or properly scrutinise proposals.

Although MyCO has been set up for company registration, paperwork is still required when applying for a work permit and visa application, said U Thant Sin Lwin.

“For those cases, DICA cannot handle it alone. We are trying to get assistance from other departments to carry out those tasks,” he added.

The directorate is preparing software so the online system will provide services including granting permits on behalf of the investment commission, he said. It is working with the World Bank and International Finance Corporation on the technology support.

“As the digitisation has to proceed in accordance with the law, it needs to include functions such as not allowing illegal businesses to search or even apply. However, this would require technology assistance and a higher budget, we hope to start it as a trial at the end of this year,” he said.

The authorities hope to reduce corruption when applying for permission from various departments, seeking documentation or recommendations from officials and paying taxes. For example, there are cases where public servants delay processing documents for those who do not pay bribes, the Myanmar Times understands. Last month DICA also announced it will now accept online payments for the registration of companies on MyCO.

Source: Myanmar Times

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