Neighbouring countries building stronger gems markets than Myanmar

Neighbouring countries are building stronger gems market than Myanmar, which is the country of origin for many gems. Nearby countries are enjoying greater benefits than Myanmar, which is producing the gems and jewelleries, said U La Hpai Khun Sa, chairman of the Myanmar Gems and Jewellery Entrepreneurs’ Federation.

“The raw gems, which are produced in our country, are purchased by our neighbouring countries. Then, they build a stronger market in their countries. When we think of the reason why they are earning better incomes from this trading, we find that countries like China and Thailand have more prosperous markets, as they are adding value to raw gems by making the finished products with beautiful designs. They manufacture the value added finished products with attractive designs through the use of the state of the art crafting technologies. Additionally, their manufacturing of the finished products have created thousands of job opportunities,” said U La Hpai Khun Sa.

“Therefore, the gems and jewellery market should be built strong in Myanmar. In this regard, Myanmar needs to produce jewellery with attractive designs through the use of state of the art technology, in order that we can vie with our neighbours in a highly competitive international market. Then, only will Myanmar be able to derive greater benefits from the manufacturing of the gems and jewellery”, he added.

There is still a need to build a finished gem products market in Myanmar, and there continues to be weak cooperation between entrepreneurs, the associations and related departments. Myanmar needs strong cooperation in order for the local gems market to emerge and to develop high- quality finished products in Myanmar, according to the Myanmar Gems and Jewellery Entrepreneurs’ Federation.

“We have discovered that we are facing these problems because we are weak in cooperation. And what is more, we are selling gems and jewellery at a much cheaper price, because we receive and produce them cheaply. In fact, we first need to build a market in which we can produce high-quality finished products of gems and jewellery. We need to produce the most beautiful designs of gems and jewellery,” he added.
Myanmar is rich in natural resources and it also produces world renowned precious gems. However, under five per cent of markets can produce good-quality finished gems and jewellery.— (Translated by Hay Mar)

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Source : The Global New Light of Myanmar

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