Job seekers lay out preferred sectors to work for in survey

Job seekers in Myanmar are prioritising career opportunities in the beverage, telecommunications and retail industries, a survey conducted by JobNet’s Myanmar Employer Awards (MEA) program showed.

The survey included some 10,000 managers, experienced non-managers, director-level executives and entry-level fresh graduates.

Results also showed that aside from those able to pay the highest salaries, employers who provide opportunities for career advancement and the quality of the company’s product or service are important factors to job seekers.

Some 23.5 percent of the respondents voted for companies which they believe as the best salary provider, while 19.5pc said they would choose the employers with the best career advancement opportunities. Some 18pc of the respondents voted based on the product and service quality of a company’s offerings.

Other votes went to the employer’s ability to provide training and development, employees’ benefits package and working environment.

The survey revealed more than half the participants had a preference for working in the beverage industry, which has a strongly developed corporate presence in Myanmar. Some 14pc favoured the retail and distribution industry, while 9pc opted for careers in telecommunications.

Other sectors of interest included technology, consulting, microfinance and education. Matt De Luca, managing director of JobNet, said:

“Each year we have conducted this survey, we see more alignment between Myanmar employee standards and international best practices.

The MEA pushes companies in Myanmar to provide top level services to their staff. This benefits the staff and the economy as a whole when people feel comfortable and confident in the place they choose to work.”

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Source : Myanmar Times

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