Mandalay region forms SRT to fight Wuhan virus

MANDALAY-With the aim to prevent Novel Coronavirus, Mandalay Region Government Committee formed the Surveillance and Response Team (SRT) led by the Mandalay City’s Mayor, says Zarni Aung, Acting Chief Minister of Mandalay Region.

The SRT was formed on January 27th involving with Mandalay Mayor Dr Ye Lwin and regional minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Breeding Dr Soe Than.

“If a suspect arose, he or she must be informed to the SRT which will be carrying out treatments. Moreover, the team will carry out tasks to prevent the spread of the virus. In our region, authorities are now carrying out the fever screening at the air and sea ports. The SRT also aims to reduce public worries about the coronavirus and will also educate locals on how to prevent the virus,” said the acting Chief Minister Zarni Aung.

Mandalay Mayor Dr Ye Lwin also said that there were 60 Myanmar citizens studying in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of a coronavirus outbreak. The government had announced that they would evacuate them and that special rooms in the Mandalay People’s Hospital were being prepared for them.

If the 60 Myanmar students were to arrive at the hospital, medical staff would carry out treatments as well as their security. However, there is still no deal with the Chinese officials for the evacuation of Myanmar students but have been prepared. SRT would be carrying out preventative measure against the coronavirus and it would provide healthcare services for 60 Myanmar students.

Currently, Kandaw Nandi Hospital situated in Chanmyatharsi Township, Mandalay Region is being prepared aiming to accommodate 60 Myanmar students returning from Wuhan. In the past, plans were underway to build Cancer hospital at the compound of Kandaw Nandi hospital.

The death toll from the pneumonia-causing virus rises to 132 in China.

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Source : Eleven

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