More factories complete EU’s chemical management programme

Five more factories in Myanmar completed the EU-funded “Smart” chemical management and detox programme during the second half of 2019.

The factories, including Lin Zhan, Reeblue, Champion Winner Industry, Jiu Sheng and Textile Palace, took part in a six-month programme involving on-site assessment and consultancy, participation in technical training and a requirement for implementation of improvements.

They are one denim jeans factory, a footwear factory, a dedicated garment printing facility and two garment factories with washing and printing units.

Although known more often for contract manufacturing of garments, Myanmar is already host to over 60 footwear factories producing for European, Japanese and US markets, as well as some vertically integrated textile mills and a rapidly growing number of garment washing and printing facilities.

As modalities of production in the industry expand, the importance of safe and responsible handling of chemicals and hazardous waste is growing.

“Smart Textile & Garments”, until recently known as “Smart Myanmar” , is a project funded by the EU. This programme was first developed in 2017 with support from the German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles and GIZ. Key topics addressed include conformance with zero discharge of hazardous chemicals recommendations and Globally Harmonized

Systemchemical labelling requirements.

Senior international experts from Germany, Bangladesh and Pakistan have instructed local technical experts of the Smart project on best practices for chemical management in an effort to promote best practices across Myanmar’s burgeoning wet processing, textile and footwear industries. Seventeen factories have taken part to-date.

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Source : Myanmar Times

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