Mandalay vows to maintain order at Thingyan Festival

Mandalay will ensure the orderly celebration of the Thingyan Festival by designating areas where commercial pandals (marquees) can be erected.

U Kyaw San Myint of the Mandalay City Development Committee said the commercial pandals will only be allowed on the western side of the moat on 80th street.

Other areas of the moat will be kept clear of obstructions so that people can walk around during the celebration.

“We won’t allow any activities on 66th street on the eastern side of the moat this year,” he said. “Also, we will not allow commercial pandals on 26th street on the southern side of the moat.”

He said rural Thingyan market stalls and restaurants will permitted on 80th street between 22nd and 25th streets on the western side of the moat.

Traditional Thingyan and thangyat contests and the Thingyan group dancing competition will be held at Manaw Yaman Park, U Kyaw San Myint said.

“Walking Thingyan will be held again on the southern side of the moat this year,” he said. “Revellers will only be allowed to use cups for splashing water. Water hoses will not be allowed.”

He said the MCDC wants all revellers to be able to walk comfortably and peacefully, without being jostled in a crowd.

Walking Thingyan will cost K1.5 million (US$1,000) for a 30-square-foot space, K1 million for 20 square feet, or K500,000 for 10 square feet. Commercial pandals must be at least 150 square feet, which will cost K15 million.

Source: Myanmar Times

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