Chicken prices causing difficulties for local breeders

Low prices are causing problems for small- and medium-size poultry farms in Myanmar, industry officials say.

The entry of foreign companies into the domestic poultry breeding industry is causing an imbalance between production and consumption, leading to prices falling below production costs, says Mandalay Region Livestock Breeding Federation chair Dr Kyaw Htin.

“It is now concern for local small and medium-size farms, while big companies are expanding their breeding. This situation may cause a quite big challenge for local breeders and I think no more foreign companies should not be granted permission for chicken breeding,” Dr Kyaw Htin said.

“Foreign companies should be allowed only to be involved in species production and food production leaving only local breeders to breed for the local consumer market, so the situation can improve for everyone. If not and breeding businesses will face bigger losses,” he said.

“The low price of chicken is not because of imports, but because of supply exceeding demand. Some of the big foreign companies have basic operations like chicken farms as well. As the supply increases, the price drops. It is best for the local people to operate chicken farms so things can still be under control,” said he said.

The production cost for one viss (roughly 1.63 kilogrammes) of chicken is around K2,800, but since the coronavirus issue started at the end of last year, the price of a broiler chicken has dropped to around K2,000 and K2,300, causing difficulties for local poultry breeders.

There are 10 foreign companies involved in chicken breeding and around 3 million chickens are raised around Mandalay, Pyawbwe, and Myingyan of Mandalay Region.

“We would like the authorities to release accurate data for farms and chicken incubators so we can obtain an accurate picture of how many chicks are produced. With accurate information we can make estimates, but right now the true market conditions are like enigma,” said U Nay Thu, vice-chair of the Rain Myanmar Poultry Business Association during the meeting of the Poultry Businesspeople Meeting at the end of last year. – Translated

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Source : Myanmar Times

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