Yangon mayor takes action to improve city parking

Yangon Mayor U Maung Maung Soe said that the government will take action against those who obstruct parking spaces either with their vehicles or by placing objects on the roads, in order to improve traffic flow in the city.

“We have to solve the issue of people parking in the wrong places on the roads, by labelling designated parking spots in the downtown townships of Yangon. We have had problems with parking for a long time, and we expect people to cooperate with the new laws,” said U Maung Maung Soe.

Part of the measures include clearly delineating parking spaces with white lines, and erecting signs outlining new parking laws and amounts to be paid for tickets.

In an effort to improve the lives of city dwellers the YCDC has tried to alleviate traffic congestion and car accidents in the city.

The latest measure targets drivers who park too close to other vehicles or in the way of pedestrians, said the mayor.

Residents or drivers who place objects in the road (to reserve parking spaces) have those objects confiscated under the law. Last year the city townships confiscated 557 objects in Kyauktada, 47 in Pabedan, 2,048 in Latha, 2,530 in Lanmadaw, 625 in Pazundaung and 549 in Botahtaung township, making a total of 6,356 for the 6 major downtown townships.

For the Eastern Districts of Yangon 797 objects were confiscated, a massive 8,326 in the Western District, 2,631 in the Southern District and 1,107 in the Northern District, according to Mayor.

YCDC Law Section 315, Sub-Section F states that placing objects, construction materials, furniture, or making modifications to public roads and streets without YCDC’s permission, is prohibited. Sub-section N states that moving a vehicle, parking or stopping on a public road for an extended period of timein the city is prohibited.

The fines for violations are K100,000 to K500,000 for first time offenders, and the subsequent violations can be punished with imprisonment up to three months. – Translated

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Source : Myanmar Times

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