Mandalay travel blogger sets her mark on social media

Dr Htet Ei Ei Win has been an active travel blogger based in Mandalay sharing travelling related contents via her Facebook page ‘Travelled by HEEW- HtetEi’.

Recently, her videos on Eagle-race and Gaw Yin Gyi Island have gained much attention from Mandalay locals. Htet Ei is considered an important travel figure who resides in Mandalay alongside her community called ‘The 7 of Mandalay’. She is also one of the top ten travel bloggers in Myanmar according to Myanmar Blogger Community Report.

Let’s go back to the time where it all began. Htet Ei Ei Win was born on 12th March, 1995. She passed the matriculation exam with six distinctions in 2011 and graduated as a doctor from the University of Medicine, Mandalay in March, 2019. She has been actively participating in community activities such as volunteering in U.S. Department of State, leadership roles, and acted as a former elected student representative in 2018. She is widely known and considered as a role model back in her school and university days.
She first steps foot into the blogging world with her page in November 2016 when she realised that solo travelling and group travelling without any guardianship should be made more popular. She is willing to prove and promote the independent nature of Myanmar girls by preparing trip plans by herself.

The ‘Train to Bagan’, which was the first article she shared in her blogging page, was a huge success and trendsetter for Mandalay natives. She emphasises on the fun experience of short-term train rides which were not as widely popular among travellers back then. After her viral blog post, travelling to Bagan with friends by train has become a popular activity among university students.

Feeling encouraged by the success of her first post, she has been constantly updating her blog with various travel tips among which Tengchong (2018), Puta-O (2019) and Hpa-An (2019) trips have garnered positive reactions from the readers.

Moreover, she popularised the Sin Gaung Taung-Zaw Gyi River site. She was the founder of the University of Medicine Mandalay Hiking and Mountaineering Team and actively participated in these activities throughout her medical school days when she discovered the river site. Her post describing the beauty of the mountain and river site caught attention of many locals and now the site has already been transformed into a full-blown recreation site and also been described in many news channels including MRTV-4. This also marks her efforts to help local villagers with job opportunities and local development.

In addition, her travel style promotes a small group of friends travelling and embracing a natural community. She mentioned that travelling while young when one does not have to carry many responsibilities and where one’s friends can easily tag along is an opportunity of a lifetime. Her love for animals and nature is also seen throughout her blog posts and videos. Her charismatic, energetic, free and open character is easily recognised by her audiences and peers.

One striking feature of her blogs is the use of videos. Short informative videos filled with fun experiences, knowledge and occasionally local food have become a trademark of Travelled by HEEW –HtetEi.

She described video information is a better channel to share her experience and the audience also finds it to be very knowledgeable and informative. She has already made 37 videos out of many trips during the years between 2016 and 2019 despite the hardship of medical studies.

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Source : Myanmar Times

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