MOLIP: List of Essential Businesses during COVID19

Republic of the Union of Myanmar Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population Statement on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) concerning factories and businesses
12th Waxing of Kasone, 1382 ME
(3 May 2020)

1. To prevent the spread of the global pandemic Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), the Ministry of Health and Sports issued directives and guidelines for factories and businesses to open during the spread of the virus. The Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population issued a statement on 19-4-2020 that factories and businesses can only reopen after being checked by MoHS, MoLIP and joint expert group between 20-4-2020 to 30-4-2020 and received their results and recommendations.
2. The following businesses and services have been categorized as essential for the public during the pandemic:
(a) Essential businesses
(1) State-owned factories, workshops and businesses.
(2) Water distribution.
(3) Electricity and fuel production and distribution.
(4) Firefighting services.
(5) Private hospitals, clinics and health services.
(6) Communication, information and technological services.
(b) Public services
(1) Transportation, warehouses and wholesale centres.
(2) Ports, cargo transportation and logistics.
(3) Import, export and trade services.
(4) Municipal development services.
(5) Banking and financial services.
(6) Insurance companies and companies without goods production.
(7) Job agencies.
(8) Information services.
(9) Tollgates, road and bridge toll collection services.
(10) Hotels, motels and accommodation services.
(c) Essential public services
(1) Printing and publishing services.
(2) Mineral and natural resource services.
(3) Chemical-based services.
(4) Construction services.
(5) Fish and prawn breeding, catching and freezing services.
3. The businesses and services mentioned in the second paragraph can continue to open by amending to the Ministry of Health and Sports’ directives on COVID-19 protection and containment processes. After doing so, evidence of having doing so should be prepared for the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population and Ministry of Health and Sports and joint groups for inspection.

Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population

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