Lien Aid: Clarifications on Request for Proposal


20 MAY 2020

With reference to our earlier post




  1. Can individuals submit a proposal or is this open only to registered companies?

This call for proposals is open to both individuals and registered companies.


  1. Is the proposal open to non-Singaporeans?

There is no requirement on the nationality of the consultant.  The consultant or at least one member of the consultant team should be based in Myanmar with strong English and Burmese language skills, and have experience coordinating and managing multiple stakeholders.


  1. If my profile (or the collective profile of my team) does not meet the expertise and qualifications listed in ToR, will my proposal still be considered?

There must be at least 1 person who is a qualified professional engineer. For all other stated expertise and qualifications, as long as you are able to provide information and project references that demonstrate a competency commensurate with the qualifications required, your proposal will be considered.


  1. What are the Project objectives?

The overall objective of this project is to develop efficient, low-cost rainwater harvesting and storage facilities to address the water supply needs of project villages. The consultant will need to develop infrastructures that have lower life-cycle costs and/ or more efficient than existing infrastructure commonly found in the Ayeyarwady region.


  1. What are the specific performance requirements of the engineering designs sought?

Please refer to Annex A of the Terms of Reference for the technical performance requirements of the solutions, and the specific objectives for each of the 9 sites.


  1. Do I need to visit the project sites to be able to write the proposal?

No. Site visits are not necessary for the proposal. The proposal should include a work plan that describes how site-specific data required for the design of the infrastructure will be gathered.


  1. Do I need to include site assessments in the proposal?

No. Site assessments are not required in the proposal. The proposal should include a work plan that describes how site-specific data required for the design of the infrastructure will be gathered.

  1. What are the GPS coordinates of the Project locations?
Sr.VillageVillage TractLatitude Longitude
1Shan ChaungHpa Yar Chaung Ah Su Gyi 16°43’45.21″N 94°57’15.27″E
2Chaung Wa 16°44’31.75″N 94°56’47.80″E
3Gway Pin KyaYwa Thar Gyi 16°33’18.92″N 95° 4’3.06″E
4Hpa Yar KoneYan Ma Naing 16°27’38.77″N 95° 3’38.47″E
5Put Kha YaingPut Kha Yaing 16°24’24.97″N 95° 1’52.86″E
6Ma Gyi GoneYae Ngan 16°28’58.01″N 94°53’55.75″E
7Chaung Phya SuKa Nyin Kaing 16°24’24.62″N 94°50’30.25″E
8Me Kyaw Nan KadMe Kyaw 16°25’15.46″N 94°42’34.50″
9Kwin PaukKan Thar Kone 16°38’25.44″N 94°51’39.28″E



  1. What is the rainfall data for the Project locations?

The gathering of site-specific information including rainfall data, which is required for the design of the infrastructure, is part of the scope of services for this Project.


  1. Do the Project locations have access to electricity?

None of the villages are connected to electrical grids.


  1. Where are the water sources of the Project locations situated?

The Project’s objective is to develop efficient, low-cost rainwater harvesting and storage facilities, so the raw water source will be rainfall.


  1. Some of the village-specific project objectives state “access to … a shared source”. What does access and shared source mean?

A ‘shared source’ refers to an infrastructure which is jointly owned by the village community, and all members of the village community can use it.


  1. How far are the villages from the proposed shared source?

Upon signing, Lien AID will provide project information on land availability for shared community infrastructure. The specific distances between the shared source and households is not a key consideration of this scope of services.




  1. Do I need to include concept drawings, designs or proposed material in the proposal?

No. This is part of the services that Lien AID is seeking for this Project. However, including a description of some potential ideas and concepts that you intend to explore further, will help us understand how you can potentially deliver the Project successfully.


We are seeking innovative solutions and the successful consultant will likely be able to demonstrate the ability to apply an innovative mindset to the Project.


  1. Do I need to include detailed drawings or designs in the proposal?

No. This is part of the services that Lien AID is seeking for this Project.


  1. What do I need to include in my proposed work plan and work schedule?

The work plan should provide sufficient information for Lien AID to understand how you or your team can deliver the Project successfully within the stated Project duration. The work schedule should be aligned with the project milestone table in section 4 of the ToR.


  1. Do I need to provide a work plan for all 4 phases of the scope of work described in section 2 of the ToR?

Yes. However, the final awarded contract may not include Phase 4 of the scope of work. We will decide this after reviewing the received proposals and in discussion with the awarded consultant.


  1. How many man-days or man-months are required for this Project?

You will need to make an estimation of the man-days or man-months required based on the scope of work described in section 2 of the ToR, the Project timeline, and the activities you foresee are needed to deliver the Project successfully.


  1. What should I include in my proposed budget?

Your proposed budget should include design and management fees based on man-days, costs for site visits/ fieldwork, and other costs you foresee will be incurred to deliver high quality outputs for the Project.  Your budget should be broken down based on the different categories of costs and according to each phase of the scope of work described in section 2 of the ToR.


  1. What is the budget set aside for this Project?

Lien AID does not have a predetermined budget for this Project. The consultant or consulting company needs to determine the tasks and resources which are necessary to produce high quality deliverables, and submit a bid based on their estimated costs.  Do note that although there is no predetermined budget, cost will be a key consideration, and reasonableness of budget for proposed activities will be a key criterion.


  1. Will Lien AID extend the deadline for proposal submission?

No. The deadline will not be extended. The deadline is 29th May 2020 at 1pm Myanmar time.


  1. Will Lien AID extend the timeline of the Project?

No. The Project timeline remains the same unless unforeseen developments and circumstances occur. Phases 1 to 3 are to be competed between 15th June – 30th September 2020 (approximately 16 weeks).  Phase 4 is planned for completion by 31st January 2021.


  1. Will Lien AID provide reimbursements for expenses incurred in the preparation of the proposal to consultants who are not selected?

No. We will not provide any reimbursements.


For any further enquiries, please contact Mr Aung Myo Zaw (09 797 929 804) to seek clarfication.

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