Govt announces health measures for foreigners flying into Myanmar

The Central Committee on Prevention, Control and Treatment on COVID-19 issued a statement on May 28 relating to health measures to be taken for foreigners coming into Myanmar.

Foreigners will have to fulfil a 21-day quarantine – one week home quarantine in their respective country before flying, another one week facilitity quarantine after arriving in Myanmar and finally one more week of home quarantine in Myanmar, before being cleared to work in the country.

Following a discussion on May 27, the central committee has decided that foreign nationals travelling to Myanmar for professional purposes will need to show a certificate stating they are free from COVID-19 and have completed a week-long home quarantine in their country before flying. They will also be required to complete another week of facility quarantine upon arrival in Myanmar. They will only be allowed to work after completing another week-long home quarantine and their nasal swab sample returns a PCR-negative.

Those who are flying in to work on projects, business, construction and departmental matters will need to furnish laboratory evidence from their home countries showing that they are free of the COVID-19 infection. They will also need to provide evidence stating that they have completed one week of home quarantine before boarding the plane.

The central committee had also announced on the same day (May 27) that it will be extending virus prevention measures (excluding those measures lifted) until June 15.

The following day, the Department of Aviation announced that it will be extending the suspension on all international airlines to and from Myanmar until June 15.

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Source : Myanmar Times

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