MR arranges 2 seats for 1 ticket to keep social distancing among commuters

Myanma Railway (MR) is making arrangements to keep two seats for one ticket so that the commuters can keep social distancing, said an official from MR.
Although MR is making arrangements for keeping two seats for one ticket, the train fare is only for one ticket as usual. So, the commuters do not need to spend the extra cost. By doing so, the passengers can follow the social distancing rule which is the key to controlling infectious disease. The officials from MR will also take care of the passengers with no ticket. “Some countries have lifted the restrictions including the opening of the schools; however, the rate of infection of coronavirus has significantly increased because of not following the government instructions. So, these countries are difficult to control this pandemic disease. As for Myanmar, we need to follow the rules by learning the lesson from other countries’ cases,” said an official from MR.

Although MR wants to earn more income, MR is giving priority to the health and safety of the commuters over the income. MR also announced that people are needed to avoid travelling if there are no urgent cases and if they cannot get the tickets, the travelling date should be postponed.

Besides, the commuters are needed to stick to the mask-wearing rule. The railway staff will also check the passengers at the railway stations whether the passengers are wearing the masks or not besides measuring the temperature and making arrangements for them to wash their hands.

In order to prevent unnecessary travelling in the pandemic period, MR has been operating on only six up and down main routes starting from 10 April and the remaining railway operations have been suspended. However, there have emerged important cases recently which require the people to travel. Therefore, the operations of the railway are resumed again starting from 16 June in line with the guidance of the Ministry of Health and Sports.
With the increasing number of passengers, MR is adding the trains of up and down Yangon-Mandalay, Yangon-Pyay, Yangon-Mawlamyine and Mandalay-Myitkyina trips starting from 16 June. (Translated by Hay Mar)

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Source : The Global New Light of Myanmar

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