Gloomy Clouds Awaits for Myanmar’s Tourism Sector

The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism published a Report of the COVID-19 Impact on Myanmar’s Tourism Sector today. The survey was based on the data provided by the Department of Immigration and data collected in popular destinations across the country.

The report shows a significant drop in every aspect of the country’s tourism sector. The number of visitors into the country from January to May unsurprisingly dropped by 55 percent with a total number of 832,094 visitors compared 1,842,315 in the same period last year.

Revenue from international air travel was only $170.314 million until May compared to $365.071 million during the same period last year. Domestic air travel showed the same reading with $53.223 million until May compared to $114.085 million last year.

All sectors related to tourism such as air travel, hotels, food and beverage, entertainment, and shopping, share the same revenue drop: 53 percent. Revenue from tourist expenditure declined by 55 percent.

Hotels and motels across the country employed 92,519 staff before the pandemic, of which 22,709 lost their jobs during the COVID-19. KTV, SPA, and other side businesses of hotels and motels reduced by 56 from 182, which represents a 76 percent decrease.

The number of tour companies partnered with hotels and motels dwindled to 743 from 1,448 before the pandemic. Tour companies, who answered the survey, also laid off 19 percent of their staff, reducing to 1,187 from 1,470.

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The report emphasized the gloomy clouds for the country’s tourism sector in the remaining months of 2020 and suggested the government to introduce measures such as tax relief, low-interest loans, and stimulus package for SMEs such as street sellers and handicraft workshops as well as creating jobs for people related to the tourism industry.

The country considers domestic tourism as where to start in post-covid times, according to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism’s “the Tourism Strategic Road Map”, which includes three stages: survival, reopening, and relaunching, and considers domestic tourism as where to start in post-covid times.

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Source : Myanmar Business Today

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