Inflation exceeded rate of workers’ pay rise last year: survey

The majority of Myanmar workers who received a pay rise last year were nonetheless not able to cover the increasing costs of living, a survey showed.
According to the Myanmar Salary Survey 2020 conducted by the French Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI France Myanmar), 39 percent of respondents reported receiving a wage increase of less than five pc last year, which was less than the inflation rate of 8.6pc during the period. Another 42pc of respondents reported receiving salary increments of between 5pc and 10pc, while the remaining 19pc received raises of over 10pc.
The survey involved approximately 500 respondents across various sectors of the economy.

Healthcare led the poll with all respondents reporting a 6pc-15pc salary increase. Around two-thirds of employees in the manufacturing industry also reported a similar level of increment.

The majority of workers in construction, consumer goods, services, financial services, and logistics received 1pc-10pc increments, while most of those in education and hospital industry saw less than five pc of increase.
Interestingly, the survey results showed that more than half the Myanmar nationals who had studied or worked abroad earned only a maximum of 10pc more in salary than those who did not have similar overseas experience.

In terms of allowance and stipends, 56pc of firms provide transport allowance, 37pc provide meal allowance and 54pc provide medical allowance.
As for bonus and incentives, 70pc of companies which participated in this survey pay commissions or an incentive bonus directly related to performance or revenue
generated by individual staff.

To explore the impact of the pandemic, CCI France Myanmar also launched a COVID-19 survey in late June, though a final report is yet to be published as more
responses await to be collected.

Preliminary results showed though, that many workers are already worse off than before. Among the 55 companies which have responded to the COVID-19 survey so far,
35pc have already implemented pay cuts, 25pc implemented unpaid leave and 17pc incorporated part-time work. All of these measures posed a direct impact on the
salaries of employees.Further, 39pc said they would freeze recruitment in the coming months and 20pc would reduce salaries.

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