Lien Aid – Expression of Interest: Design and Build Water Supply Projects in Dedaye Township, Ayeyarwady Region. Closing Date 21 Aug 2020

(Reference No.: MM/ED/20/001)


Established in Singapore in 2006, Lien AID partners with communities, governments, corporations, NGOs, academia, to design and deliver sustainable water and sanitation services, and behaviour change interventions for tangible impact on health and well-being. Our work has benefitted nearly 1,000,000 people from over 3,000 communities across Southeast Asia and China.

Our work in Myanmar is largely concentrated in the Ayeyarwady region, where we support townships in finding cost-effective solutions for sustaining and scaling water and sanitation services, and safe hygiene behaviour, to bring about health and well-being of rural communities. In our interventions, we collaborate with local actors to build local knowledge of what works best and share this through learning programmes and communications campaigns.

Lien AID is collaborating with the Department of Rural Development (DRD) in Dedaye township to develop improved water supply solutions under its Community Water Management programme. Lien AID seeks to engage a qualified service provider to provide engineering design and construction services for the rehabilitation of existing rainwater harvesting ponds in 2 village locations in Dedaye township (refer to project locations in Annex A).


The services required will be encompass 2 phases:

Phase 1: Development of construction drawings based on assessment of project villages

The completion and submission of construction documents based on a detailed assessment of the 2 project villages and performance requirements set by Lien AID. The documents shall include:

  • Relevant site-specific information for each of the project villages and an overview of features that fulfil the required performance standards for each project, and which demonstrate improvements to the existing rainwater harvesting ponds;
  • The full set of construction drawings, in both English and Burmese and in soft copy and hard copy, shall include detailed technical specifications, design calculations and material information.

The drawings shall comply with relevant building standards and codes, and shall be endorsed by a professional engineer.

Phase 2: Project management and construction works

The service provider shall provide all project management, supervision and construction services to ensure the satisfactory completion of the required works for the 2 project villages. The service provider shall also submit progress reports and facilitate site inspections by Lien AID.

Upon completion of the required works, the service provider shall handover the completed works to Lien AID and provide a 1-year performance warranty from the handover date.


The process and timeline for the selection of service provider is expected to take 9 weeks from the release of the call for Expressions of Interest (EoI). The following dates and duration for the selection process has been estimated based on current information available to Lien AID and Lien AID reserves the right to amend the scheduled dates in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Selection ProcessDates Duration
Release of EoI Document10th August 20202 weeks
Close of call for EoI21st August 2020
EoI evaluation & shortlistingBy 28th August 20201 week
Shortlisted service providers are notified & tender document issuedBy 31st August 20204 weeks
Close of tender windowBy 25th September 2020
Tender evaluation & award of service contractBy 9th October 20202 weeks

The expected duration of the contract is 10 weeks, starting on 12th October 2020 and ending on 18th December 2020, after the satisfactory completion and handover of the completed works at the project sites.


The service provider must be a registered company in Myanmar with a corporate bank account through which payment will subsequently be made. The implementing team from the service provider shall be qualified and competent professionals, and be able to demonstrate a strong understanding of existing water supply interventions and track record in completing similar projects.

The following competencies and experiences are required:

  1. at least 5 years of professional technical experience in the Myanmar WASH sector with a track record of completing water supply projects related to rainwater harvesting and storage;
  2. a strong understanding of local environmental characteristics of the Ayeyarwady region.



Lien AID invites eligible service providers to indicate their interest in providing the required engineering services. Expressions of Interest must be submitted by 1 pm on 21st August 2020 (Myanmar time) to Mr Saw Kyaw Htike Moe ( A copy of Lien AID’s “Request for Quotation: Design and Build Water Supply Projects in Dedaye Township, Ayeyarwady Region” will be sent to companies that have replied to this Expression of Interest and are eligible to receive the document based on the requirements stated in section 4 above.

Expressions of Interest from service providers shall include the following information:

  • Details of contact person, including name, contact number and email address
  • Company registration certificate
  • Corporate profile which details the expertise and qualifications of key staff; and
  • Selected samples of related work

In the event of unforeseen circumstances which impact the feasibility of the project implementation, Lien AID reserves the right to void this call for Expressions of Interest.





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