Myanmar Firm Ties Up With Krispy Kreme to Create Doughnuts With a Local Flavor

A traditional Burmese snack may find a global audience thanks to a collaboration between Myanmar’s Tree Food and the international doughnut company Krispy Kreme.

The two have launched a new doughnut called “Ohm-Mhway,” a jaggery-coated doughnut topped with coconut flakes.

Jaggery is an unrefined type of sugar produced using traditional methods from toddy palm sap. It contains molasses, crystals and other elements that are usually removed from refined types of sugars.

“I was so happy and excited when they offered me an opportunity to collaborate with them. One of our brand’s goals is to share traditional Burmese snacks with the world. So, I’m pleased about this collaboration. This marks a milestone for the company,” said Ma Cho Lei Aung, founder of Tree Food.

“It is tremendously exciting for our company to find ourselves working together with a global organization like Krispy Kreme. At the same time, it gets more exposure for our products and helps introduce Burmese jaggery to a global contemporary market,” she said.

The product was launched Aug. 1 and will only be available for a limited time.

“We don’t how long the product will be available. Most of the feedback we’re getting from customers is good, so we hope the collaboration will continue for months to come,” she said.

Last July, Krispy Kreme team contacted Tree Food to collaborate with them and they started preparing for this project.

“Mainly, we have to provide them with palm syrup. As you know, jaggery has different colors, tastes and combinations. So, firstly we discussed the color, taste and natural extract for the palm syrup to use with the doughnuts. We are making it using our homemade method,” explained Ma Cho Lei Aung.

Tree Food’s products are all made with ingredients from the central Myanmar region.

Arjuna Yoganandan, the general manager of Krispy Kreme said, “Prepare yourself to enjoy the great duo of traditional flavors with our delicious melt-in-your-mouth doughnut.”

“I’m so thankful to Krispy Kreme for valuing jaggery, our traditional snack,” Ma Cho Lei Aung said.

Currently, “Ohm-Mhway” doughnuts are available at all of Krispy Kreme’s outlets in Myanmar during a “Buy five, get one free” promotion.

So, this is a good chance for foodies to taste the combination of Western pastry and Myanmar’s traditional snack.

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Source : The Irrawaddy

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