Most Yangon taxi drivers stop working, return cars to owners

Most taxi drivers in Yangon have begun to return their cars to their owners due to the lack of passengers following the stricter stay-at-home order in place for all Yangon townships.

“Only a few people go outside of their homes because of the new stay-at-home order. It’s hard for us to earn money to cover car rental fees when there are no passengers, even though we are going around town to find passengers all day,” said U La Pyae Ko Ko, secretary of the Union of Taxi Drivers.

He said some car owners have reduced their rental fees, but some have not. For gas-fueled cars, rental fees are between K13,000 and K15,000. Vehicles using petrol are rented out for K10,000.

“We can only earn up to K10,000 a day these days. So, the taxi drivers have started to return the cars to their owners. In addition, fewer drivers are willing to drive a taxi at this time because they are at risk of being infected with the virus,” he said.

Yangon taxi driver U Min Thu said only self-employed taxi drivers are still on the road. About eight out of ten taxi drivers with rented vehicles have already returned their cars to the owners.

He added that some drivers are unsure if the stay-at-home order also applies to the running of taxis or not.

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Source : Myanmar Times

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