Myanmar health ministry exempts logistics, airlines and communications business from stay-home order

The previous order by the ministry stated that all private businesses and organisations, except for essential businesses, are to follow the stay-home order 107/2020 bringing confusion among the public on which exact businesses.

The new order 108/2020 , on September 22, have expanded the list stating that in addition to essential businesses, including banking and food, airlines, logistics and communications businesses have been added to the exceptional category for the stay-at-home order.

The complete list is as follows:

(a) In private sector, those who are working in banking and financial services, filling stations, food production, cold-storage facilities for meat and fish, production and distribution of medicines, medical supplies and drinking water, factories of daily personal hygiene products and related businesses.

(b) Those who are working at airlines/general aviation services for relief flights, cargo flights and chartered flights, ground services, filling aviation fuels, trades in air transport, freight forwarder companies, Customs services agencies, in-flight catering services and airplane maintenance services.

(c) Those who are working at private-run ports which are providing services for international cargo vessels at the International Terminals in Yangon Port, representative offices of shipping lines, freight forwarder companies, Customs services agencies, container-carrying vehicles services, trucks for export/import goods at the ports, vessels, inland container deports and dry ports.

(d) Those who are working in communications businesses such as post office services, landline and mobile phone communications services, Internet services [not including the vendors selling mobile phones and Internet data], and services for communication towers and fibre networks.

The health and sports ministry imposed the order as Yangon Region witnessed an increase in locally transmitted cases (those without travel history or contact with an infected person), to curb the spread of the disease.

Myanmar has so far reported a total of 6959 COVID-19 cases with 116 deaths and 1951 recoveries. Yangon Region has the highest number of cases in the country with more than 2800 cases since August 16 when locally-transmitted cases re-emerged after nearly one month of only imported cases

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Source : Myanmar Times

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