Over 220 factories in Yangon file for complete closure, temporary closure or redundancy

As Myanmar experiences the Covid-19 second wave outbreak, over 220 factories in Yangon Region have filed for complete closure, temporary closure or redundancy starting from the end of this month, said Region Minister for Immigration and Human Resources Moe Moe Su Kyi.

“There are 223 factories. Among them, 53 will close down, 146 lay off workers and the rest close temporarily. They will do this at the end of this month,” the minister said.

She added that labour cards would quickly be issued to the laid-off workers and they would be prioritized when other factories need to employ.

“I find it a bit difficult to mention the exact number of workers to be laid off. Workers have to seek jobs immediately when their factories shut down. Some have got back jobs. According to the list of all those factories, there are about 40,000 to 50,000 workers,” the minister said.

In the first wave of Covid-19 from January 1 to July 31, Yangon Region saw 173 factories affected including 56 closed down leaving 41,395 people jobless, the minister said during the 12 regular meetings of Yangon Region Parliament held on August 31.

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Source : Eleven

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