More than 100,000 apply for QR code to travel in Yangon

More than 100,000 have applied for the QR pass code in Yangon, which allows the holder to travel from one township to another amid a region-wide stayhome order.

The QR code is issued only for businesses and there are more than hundreds of thousands of applicants to date, said U Aye Win, general secretary of the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) on September 30.

The UMFCCI released an announcement on September 25 saying that only registered vehicles operating for 27 essential businesses exempted from the government’s stay-home order will be allowed to travel from one township from another in Yangon.

Those businesses will need to register online to obtain a QR code which will allow them to travel to different Yangon’s townships.

“The current QR pass system is only for businesses and it is not concerned with other organisations, departments or the public, who must abide by the health guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Sports,” said U Aye Win.

“The QR pass is not for all businesses but only for 27 businesses permitted by the ministry. It is not concerned with other kinds of businesses at all. The people don’t know this well,” he said.

He added that some register using the name of a proxy firm but as the registration is carried out by the company owners or a representative, they must ensure that the business is real.

The Yangon Police Force also announced that taxis will also need to show necessary documentation consisting of the QR code and ID if the drivers are travelling to a different township in Yangon.

A total of 27 businesses have been exempted from the stay-home order and their employees are allowed to travel between townships in Yangon. These businesses are:

1. Banks and financial services
2. Petrol stations
3. Food and cold storage
4. Pharmaceutical and medical equipment distribution
5. Drinking water distribution
6. Factories producing daily hygiene products
7. Airlines operating relief flights, cargo flights and chartered flights
8. General aviation services
9. Ground services
10. Aviation fuel providers
11. Air transport
12. Freight forwarders
13. Customs service agencies
14. In-flight catering services
15. Aircraft maintenance services
16. Port operators
17. Representative offices of shipping lines
18. Freight forwarding companies at Yangon Port
19. Customs services agencies at the ports
20. Container transport services
21. Transport of export/import goods at the ports
22. Inland container depots
23. Dry ports
24. Post offices
25. Landline and mobile phone communication services
26. Internet services (not including vendors selling mobile phones and internet data);
27. Services for communication towers and fibre networks.

Once registered, ID with QR code will be issued to those businesses and staff of them and they will have to show their ID whenever they pass from one township to another. Online registration can be made at and for any inconveniences and futher information, phone numbers 09-694820244 and 09-402790744 can be contacted during office hours, the UMFCCI announcement stated.

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Source : Myanmar Times

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