Request for Quotation : Resilient Community Development Project (RCDP) ; Closing date : 3rd November 2020

Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Motorboats
Department of Rural Development (DRD)
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation (MOALI)
Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Request for Quotation
Project Title: Loan 3864-MYA and Grants
9203-MYA(JFPR), 0678-MYA(ADF) and 0679–
MYA(AIF): Resilient Community Development Project (RCDP)
Source of Funding: Asian Development Bank
Contract Ref: G9 – Motorboats – DRD-RFQ1
Date of Issue of Request: 5th October 2020

1. The Department of Rural Development (DRD) of
the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation
(MOALI), Myanmar hereby requests you to submit
price quotation for the supply of five (5) new Motorboats.

2. If you, however, have been associated with the firm
that prepared the design and specifications of the
contract that is subject of this procurement, you shall
be disqualified.

3. To assist you in the preparation of your price quotation
for the Motorboats, you can obtain the necessary
technical specifications, required quantities and
warranty for the Motorboats.

4. You must quote for all Motorboats under this Request
for Quotation (single lot).

5. You shall submit one original price quotation with
the Form of Quotation clearly marked “Original”. In
addition, you shall also submit one quotation marked
as “COPY”. In case of any discrepancy between the
Original and Copy, the original shall prevail.

Your quotation should be signed, sealed in an envelope,
and addressed and delivered to the following address:
Mr. U Myo Naing Aung,Deputy Director General, Project Director
Project Management Unit, Resilient Community
Development Project, Department of Rural
Development (DRD), Office No. 36, Ministry of Agriculture,
Livestock and Irrigation, Nay Pyi Taw,
Myanmar Phone; Telephone: +95-67-418632/418633
Facsimile: +95-9-43434333, +95-9-43016025
E-mail:, myonaingaung2012@, and

6. To obtain quotation form, technical specifications,
required quantities and warranty for the Motorboats
in English, the suppliers should;
• Send email to,
(also copy email to ksaung@ncddpmyanmar.
org) for requesting the quotation form, technical
specifications, required quantities and warranty
for the G-9 Motorboats.

• Attach (as a PDF file) to the email a signed
application for bid document on the bidder’s letterhead

• The documents will be emailed to the supplier
free-of-charge and will be sent by e-mail only

• Except for the submission of a written application,
there are no other conditions for obtaining the

7. Please confirm by email or by letter your receipt of this
request (if the suppliers are requested) and whether
or not you will submit a quotation.

8. The deadline for receipt of your quotation by Project
Director, RCDP at the address indicated in paragraph 5 is: 3rd November 2020 at 16:30 PM.

Source : Asian Development Bank

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