Yangon officials start inspecting QR codes of cars, people allowed to travel

Officials have commenced inspecting drivers on the road for the appropriate documents required for travel between one township to another in Yangon, according to the Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC).

“Only those with the right documentation and ID will be allowed to pass,” said U Aung Nyein Kyaw, chair of Thaketa township YCDC office.

“Roadside inspections have commenced today (September 27). Our main aim is to enforce the stay-home order and stop the spread of disease from one township to another,” he said.

U Nay Phone Latt, Hluttaw MP of Thingangyun township, said the checks are to ensure there is no unnecessary traveling.

“The checks are mainly on the destination of the vehicles when they pass from one township to another to make sure there is no travelling without any reason. There is still no action such as arrests taken for now,” he said
Only registered vehicles commuting for selected essential businesses will be allowed to travel from one township from another in Yangon, according to a September 25 notice from the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Businesses that have been exempted from the stay-home order that would like to operate during this period will need to make an online registration.

“Those who need to travel for important matters must also have letters from their respective township administrators,” said U Aung Nyein Kyaw, chair of Thaketa township YCDC office.

Once registered, an ID with QR code will be issued to those businesses and their staff to be furnished whenever they pass from one township to another.

Online registration can be made at http://QRpass.SawSawShar.gov.mm and for any inconveniences or further information, the phone numbers to call are 09-694820244 and 09-402790744 during office hours. On September 27, The Myanmar Times received complaints that the website has been facing downtime and the page said that it is under “server maintenance”.

A total of 27 businesses have been exempted from the stay-home order and their employees are allowed to travel between townships in Yangon. These businesses are:

1. Banks and financial services;
2. Petrol stations;
3. Food and cold storage;
4. Pharmaceutical and medical equipment distribution;
5. Drinking water distribution;
6. Factories producing daily hygiene products;
7. Airlines operating relief flights, cargo flights and chartered flights;
8. General aviation services;
9. Ground services;
10. Aviation fuel providers;
11. Air transport;
12. Freight forwarders;
13. Customs service agencies;
14. In-flight catering services;
15. Aircraft maintenance services;
16. Port operators;
17. Representative offices of shipping lines;
18. Freight forwarding companies at Yangon Port;
19. Customs services agencies at the ports;
20. Container transport services;
21. Transport of export/import goods at the ports;
22. Inland container depots;
23. Dry ports;
24. Post offices;
25. Landline and mobile phone communication services;
26. Internet services (not including vendors selling mobile phones and internet data);
27. Services for communication towers and fibre networks.

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Source : Myanmar Times

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