Request for Bids : National Electrification Project (NEP) ; Installation and Maintenance of Solar PV Systems : Deadline : 25th November 2020

Specific Procurement Notice
Request for Bids
(Two-Envelope Bidding Process)

Country : Myanmar
Name of Project: National Electrification Project (NEP)
Contract Title: Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Solar PV Systems for
Households and Public Facilities
RFB Reference No.: ICB S&I-DRD-3

1. The Department of Rural Development, Ministry of Livestock and Irrigation now
invites sealed Bids from eligible Bidders for supply, installation and maintenance
of solar PV Systems for households and public facilities in the following Regions:
Lot 1– NEP Solar PV Packages in Shan North (6) and Shan East (5)
Lot 2– NEP Solar PV Packages in Ayeyarwaddy (10)
The Contracts will be financed by the Community Contribution.

2. For quick reference, some key qualification requirements include:
• The average annual turnover (or annual sales volume) of the last three years
should be a minimum of MMK 3,800 million (equivalent) for Lot-1 and MMK
9,000 million (equivalent) for Lot-2 or higher which varies by lot and is cumulative
if bidding for multiple lots.
• The bidder has successfully completed at least two (2) contracts in supplying,
installing, supervising, commissioning and/or maintaining off-grid solar PV
systems with batteries, in any year over the last five (5) years, and at least one of
the two (2) contracts had a value equivalent to or greater than MMK 1,900,000,000
(equivalent) for Lot 1 and MMK 4,500,000,000 (equivalent) for Lot 2.
The details of the qualification requirements are in the bidding document.

3. Bidding will be conducted through the International Competitive Bidding
procedures as specified in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Procurement of Goods,
Works and Non-Consulting Services under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits &Grants
by World Bank Borrowers dated January 2011 (revised July 2014) (“Procurement
Guidelines”), and is open to all eligible bidders as defined in the Procurement
Guidelines. In addition, please refer to paragraphs 1.6 and 1.7 setting forth the
World Bank’s policy on conflict of interest.

4. Interested eligible Bidders may obtain further information from the address
below and inspect the bidding document during office hours 10.00 a.m. to 4.00
p.m. at the address given below.

5. A complete set of bidding documents in English may be obtained free of charge
by interested eligible bidders upon the submission of a written application to
the address below. The Bidding Documents will be issued through e-mail only.
In case of any difficulty in obtaining the bidding documents, interested parties
may contact in writing:
Dr. Soe Soe Ohn, Director
Department of Rural Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and
Irrigation, Office No. 36, Naypyitaw,
Country: Myanmar, Tel./Fax +95 673 418635, 418636

6. Bids must be delivered to the address below on or before November 25, 2020
(10.00 a.m.) Myanmar time. Electronic Bidding will not be permitted. Late Bids
will be rejected. The outer Bid envelopes marked “ORIGINAL BID”, and the
inner envelopes marked “TECHNICAL PART” will be publicly opened in the
presence of the Bidders’ designated representatives and anyone who chooses
to attend, at the address below on or before November 25, 2020 (10.00 a.m.)
Myanmar time. All envelopes marked “SECOND ENVELOPE: FINANCIAL
PART” shall remain unopened and will be held in safe custody of the Purchaser
until the second public opening.

7. All Bids must be accompanied by a Bid Security” as stated in ITB 19.1 – Bid
Data Sheet of the Bidding Document.

8. The address referred to above is:
Attention: Dr.Soe Soe Ohn, Director, Project Manager of National Electrification
Project National Electrification Project, Department of Rural Development, Ministry of
Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation.
Office No. 36, Naypyitaw, Myanmar. Tel /Fax: +95 673 418635, 418636,,

9. Clarification of the bidding document will be conducted through e-mail or letter
to the Purchaser as stated in ITB 7 of the bidding document.

Source : Department of Rural Development

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