Invitation for Bids – 1st Phase Site Development Construction Works of KMIC ; Deadline : 26th November 2020

Bid Announcement
KMIC Development Co., Ltd. intends to invite eligible Bidders for “1st Phase Site Development
Construction Works of KMIC”.

1. Bid Title: 1st Phase Site Development Construction Works of KMIC
* Location of KMIC: Nyaung Hnit-Pin, Yangon Region

2. Spatial Work Scope: 1,273,514 m2
(314.69 acres, 1st phase)

3. Duration of the Contract: 24 months from the commencement date

4. Bidding Method: International Competitive Bidding
(Lump Sum & Unit Price Contract: the Employer shall provide unpriced
BOQ and the Bidders shall submit priced BOQ)
* Selection Method : QCBS (Quality and Cost Based Selection)

5. Estimated price (exclusive of taxes): US$ 27,058,272
* The Bid Price shall be equal or less than the Estimated Price.

6. Work Scope: Site Development Construction Works for 1st phase of KMIC: earthwork, road
and pavement, storm water drainage, wastewater collection, water supply, central canal

7. Eligibility for bidding
– Legal Requirement: A bidder (including all parties/partners in case of JV) shall be a
legitimate company established in the Republic of Korea or the Republic of the Union of
Myanmar in accordance with the law procedures of the established country.
– Construction Experience: A bidder shall have a(an) accumulative completed similar
construction works experience of more than 1,270,000 m2
in the last ten (10) years as of the
bid announcement date, and each unitary project experience shall be 100,000 m2 or more.

8. Joint Venture (JV)
– In the case of a Joint venture or association:
• The number of associating companies is not allowed more than five (5), which means
maximum five (5) members are allowed, and each member of a JV shall take at least
five (5) percent share, and one member who has the largest share shall be a leading/
representative member.
• The JV shall have at least one Korean Company (a company established in the Republic
of Korea), and a Korean Company of the JV shall be a leading/representative member.
Companies established in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar may be member(s) of the JV.
– In the case of a single bidder, a company established only in the Republic of Korea is allowed to be a bidder.

9. Time Schedule
– Bid announcement [19th October, 2020]
– Pre-bid meeting (on-line) [21th October, 2020 / 14:00 p.m.]
* Zoom Meeting ID: 844 8655 4167 (
– Query (21st ~ 23rd October, 2020) and Clarification [27th October, 2020]
– Pre-registration with submission of Bid Security [28th October, 2020]
– Bid submission deadline [26th November, 2020]
– Opening and Evaluation of proposals [1st December, 2020]
– Negotiation and Signing of the Contract [2nd ~ 4th December, 2020]
※ The above schedule can be changed depending on the situation.

10. Contact Information
– Address: Project Development Department, KMIC Development Co., Ltd., Suite 2007,
Pyay Garden Office Tower, 346-354, Pyay Road, Sanchaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar
– E-mail: [email protected]
– Attention: Hong, SungSoo, General Manager
– Website:

Source : Project Development Department, KMIC

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