Notication for Hanthawaddy New International Airport Development Project



Notification No. (1/2020/hA-COD)

Date: 25th October 20220

Notification of Cut-off Date for Hanthawaddy New International Airport Development Project (Phase-1 Aera)

1. The Department of Civil Aviation, Myanmar (DCA) under the Ministry of Transport and Communications is planning to develop, with support from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), a new airport in the west side of Bago City in order to accommodate for the growing demand for international and domestic passengers and cargoes thereby contributing to the economic and social development in the region and country.

2.This Project named ‘The Hanthawaddy New International Airport Development Project (Phase 1)’ is located approximately 5 km west of the Centre of Bago City in Bago Region. The handling capacity of the planned airport in the first phase is 8 million passengers per annum (mppa) with a runway length of approximately 3,600 m., one taxiway running parallel to it and four other taxiways (i.e. two high-speed taxiways and two other taxiways) and other related components.

3.This Notification is to notify the public of the area that will be secured for the Project (Phase- 1) in cooperation with Bago Region Government as well as to notify the cut-off date (COD) that has been hereby officially announced to be set on the 25th of October 2020.

4.A cut-off date has been set and announced in order to identify and differentiate genuine project-affected persons from people that have come into the area with ill intention. It has been set on the commencement day of the census and other surveys through which all people; structures, improvements and other immovable assets located in the area are identified and recorded.

5.The size of the Project (Phase-1) Area subject to land clearance is approximately 720 hectares (equivalent to 1,779.16 acres) and the exact location is shown in the Figure below as an area surrounded by Pl to P17 with coordinate points.

6. It is hereby announced that persons who encroach on the subject area after the cut-off date are not entitled to compensation or any other form of resettlement assistance.

Source : Department of Civil Aviation

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