A Glass bridge and resort to be built near Gokteik Viaduct

The beauty of nature exists in every state and region of Myanmar. Besides, Myanmar also possess historical heritage which adds more value to the beauty of the respective places. Money investment, international standard techniques, imagination also shape the places more fascinating.

Now, a resort with Myanmar’s first glass bridge is going to be built near the Gokteik Bridge to attract international tourists.

The permit to build the resort near the Gokteik Bridge, located in Nawnghkio township of northern Shan State, has been granted. Shan State government said the plans are being made to systematically develop the tourism in Shan State in post-COVID-19 period.

The resort project will be implemented by an American company, and the construction will start in 2020. Despite the negative effect to construction business around the world due to the COVID-19 crisis, the company will try to start the project and intends to complete in 2022.

There will be the bungalow, modern playground, recreation park, tents, plants, souvenir shops and restaurants in addition to the glass bridge.

With nature’s beauty in Shan State, the project like this modern, internationally famous and exciting glass bridge will also provide more tourist arrival to the State.

Also, the Gokteik Viaduct, a world well-known icon surrounding Bant Bwe Kyin waterfall, Shan mountain ranges, fields and beauty of nature, will offer travellers a new environment and new experience. A new image of development in the northern Shan State will emerge since the project aims to prosper the State’s development without affecting the natural environment.

The project will be able to provide over 300 new job opportunities to young local people as well as the opportunity to make money from a local business. Developing tourism without causing negative impacts on the natural environment also provides area development.

Among the interesting sites of Shan State, a specially constructed Goteik Viaduct is one of the world’s wonders in Myanmar. The railway bridge was built about 7 miles fa from Nawnghkio train station on Mandalay-Lashio road in 1989. The construction took one year, and the bridge was used in 1903. This 689-metre long viaduct was uniquely constructed over a 300-feet high gorge.

The name Gokteik was given as the bridge was built on the top of Goktwin and it is also said that the name derived from Ngoteik from Shan language.

The Gokteik Bridge has only one round trip railway. For its over 300 feet height, the bridge is known as the second-highest bridge in the world.

When the resort project with a glass bridge is completed near this renowned bridge, both international and local tourists will be attracted to this new travel destination of the Shan State, and that will provide local development, job opportunities and foreign currency.

Source : The Global New Light Of Myanmar

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