China, Thailand become major markets for Myanmar avocados

Myanmar avocados are essential to export legally to China and Thailand, said U Lin Thant Aung, the secretary of the Myanmar Avocados Producer and Exporter Association.Currently, Myanmar avocados are exported to China and Thailand through the border under the order system, which does not guarantee the market and earning good prices, he added.
“We export our avocados to China and Thailand through the border. There is no G to G system for avocado fruits. Since the start of our avocados association, the Ministry of Commerce and the Agriculture Department started to talk with the other country. Our country’s authorities have negotiated with their counterparts since 2019. The legal export to other countries would take more than three or four years.

We could not immediately export the fruits legally. We are just sending the avocados through the border. When the fruits reach other countries, they become illegal and are offered low prices,” said U Lin Thant Aung.Therefore, the government should form an all-inclusive committee to conduct the horticultural export in time. The heads of the state also need to talk about buying Myanmar avocados in their foreign trips, he added.

“Myanmar avocados are demanded only from Thailand and China in SouthEast Asia,” said U Lin Thant Aung.Around 5,000-10,000 tons of Myanmar avocados are exported to China and Thailand annually with an order system, according to the Myanmar Avocados Producer and Exporter Association.

Each kilo of Myanmar avocado is sold for around K 800-K1,000. Currently, Myanmar avocados are being exported to London and middle east region as samples, according to the association.“We have exported avocados to London as sample fruits. If they like our fruita, we will negotiate with them to export avocados in the next season, he added.

Besides, Myanmar avocados of around 3,000 tons are consumed in the domestic market annually. The avocados are consumed more in tour season.There are around 25,000 acres of avocado plantations in Myanmar and they are mostly grown in Chin Mountain, Naga Mountain, Shan Mountain, Nawnghkio and PyinOoLwin. There are more than a thousand of the Myanmar avocado species and the local residents are also growing foreign avocado species. Myanmar avocados are highly harvested in October till April.

Moreover, Myanmar is also growing foreign species and is planning to export high quality fruits by 2023 to those countries which can offer a handsome price.Myanmar Avocado Producer and Exporter Association was established in 2018 and has around 800 members. (Translated by Hay Mar)

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Source : The Global New Light of Myanmar

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