Tourism industry invests in tech amid COVID-19

The hospitality and tourism industry is investing more in technology during the COVID-19 pandemic, said U Than Htut, vice chair of Myanmar Hoteliers Association.

“We face challenges in technology in COVID-19 crisis. We have to make more investment and changes in technology,” he said.

Local conglomerate Eden Group says more investments in technology is necessary to control the virus outbreak.

During an online meeting of the Myanmar Hospitality Professionals Association on December 5, U Than Htut said hoteliers have to invest more for technological experts and infrastructure in order to adapt the work-from-home trend.

The hoteliers have assets during the pandemic but they struggle to generate revenue, making it difficult for newly-opened hotels and those renting land to run hospitality businesses, he added.

Myanmar is now the third most-infected country in Southeast Asia. The COVID-19 spread has not slowed despite lockdown measures being imposed on Yangon, Rakhine and other areas since September.

A “stay-at-home” order for commercial capital Yangon and its hinterland was issued during the evening of September 20 ahead of a Monday morning deadline on September 21, leaving employers and workers with less than a day to respond.

The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism is arranging to implement support for the industry and to conduct a campaign called “Myanmar is safe to travel”, said U Tin Latt, deputy hotels and tourism minister.

“We will launch Yangon-based sightseeing [non-landing] flights this month or next month. Some said the sightseeing flight programme will not succeed or improve the tourism market,” he said. “We carry out the campaign not to increase the number of travellers. It is just a PR campaign.”

The deputy minister adds that these non-landing sightseeing flights are designed to promote the tourism sector and to deliver the message that Myanmar is safe to travel.

Apart from flights, the ministry is pushing for cruises, car and riverine tours.

Source : Myanmar Times