UK warms to Myanmar avocados

European countries have for the first time offered to open up their markets to Myanmar avocado pears after the UK reacted receptively to the trial exports last month, according to Myanmar Avocado Producer and Exporter Association. “Germany and Italy have offered officially through their embassies [to import avocados] after Myanmar avocado exports have good results in the British market.

Singapore also has offered to import Myanmar avocado pears,” said U Kyaw Soe Min, secretary from Myanmar Avocado Producer and Exporter Association. Half a tonne of avocado pears has been exported to the UK by air last month. The exported avocados are of three varieties – Amara (domestic variety), Hass, and Buccaneer. The Myanmar Fruits and Vegetables Producer and Exporter Association was connected to the British Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar by the Myanmar embassy in London to bring forward the export project, which serves as a trial.

The avocado pears were scheduled to be exported in October but transport was delayed due to COVID-19, according to the Myanmar Fruits and vegetable Producer and Exporter Association.

Preparations are being made to export more to the British market in 2021, the Myanmar embassy in London said. Because of the entry into the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan markets have also shown an interest, it added.
U Kyaw Soe Min of the Myanmar Avocado Producer and Exporter Association said the UK “acknowledges Myanmar avocados after the current quality of Myanmar avocado was tested.”

“They are willing to export more Myanmar avocados,” he said, adding that there was no official offer before and now the UK is keen to work with the embassy and producers. The price per tonne in the British market is around US$2000, and US$1200 in the Thai market. Prepa rations have been made to ensure the standards in packaging and
fruit quality. U Kyaw Soe Min said Myanmar avocado exports are trying to break into the international market, estimating that about 300 tonnes can be produced in the coming year and thousands of tonnes can be produced after five years. – Translated

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Source: Myanmar Times

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