Mandalay to allow Grade-A businesses to reopen

Mandalay will allow factories with Grade-A health and safety scores to reopen, said U Khin Maung Hla, chair of Industry Zone Management Committee.

Many essential businesses such as food manufacturing, pharmacy, and purified water distribution have been given a Grade-A score by the Ministry of Health and Sports, and have been allowed to reopen.

“A Grade-A score indicates that the business has complied with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Sports, which include having basins installed at the entrance of the factory, keeping employees six feet apart from each other, and ensuring that they wear masks and face shields if they need to work together. Those found to comply during our inspections are regarded as Grade-A,” he said.

The grading system is set by the Ministry of Health and Sports. Factories and workshops with B and C scores are not permitted to open and required to report again to their respective township-level health departments after they have complied with the requirements of a Grade A score.

“If a factory receives a Grade B or C score, we have to give them instructions on how to prepare to meet Grade A. Then they have to report to us, and we inspect them again before reopening,” he said. Surprise checks have been conducted on factories and workshops in Mandalay Region.
The regional government has imposed a stay-at-home order in the townships with high COVID-19 infection rates in Mandalay districts from December 5 to 18, while banks, petrol stations, communications and the essential operations such as food shops and pharmacies are allowed to continue operating.

Source : Myanmar Times