Mandalay wholesale centre to reopen

The Mandalay wholesale center of Brokers Traders & Millers Ma Har Ka Htain Taw Association is set to reopen its doors on January 21.

Secretary of the centre, U Set Maung Swe, said the resumption of operations will be done in line with current COVID-19 rules and regulations.

The centre was closed at the end of September due to the rise of COVID-19 cases in the region. “The centre will reopen on January 21 with approval from the COVID-19 committee. Planned opening hours are from 8 am to 12 am like before but the Mandalay chief minister has suggested extending operating hours to spread out crowds at the centre,” said U Set Maung Swe.

“A meeting will be held with executive members after the reopening and we will discuss the extension of operating hours and its daily schedule,’’ he said. Those entering the wholesale centre will have to comply with COVID-19 regulations such as thermal scanning, hand washing, the wearing of gloves, maks and faceshields. Trading will be done from tables with barriers between them.

“There will be punishments for rule violaters. We will provide a warning for first-time offenders. If they are caught violating the rules for a second time then we will prohibit them from entering the centre for seven days. A prohibition of 15 days will be enforced if they fail to obey the guidelines for the third time. Offenders will have to accept whatever punishment the discipline committee deals out if they violate the rules for a fourth time,” said the secretary.

He said that the reopening of the centre will allow buyers to better gauge the prices of the products being sold.
“It was difficult to know the prices of the fruits when trading online following the closure of the centre. Farmers will be happy with the reopening of the centre as it coincides with the winter
harvesting time,” he said. – Translated

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Source: Myanmar Times

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