State Administration Council announces No Demonetization

Republic of the Union of Myanmar State Administration Council Announcement of Information 7″‘ Waning of Pyatho, 1382 ME

(3 February, 2021)

  1. It was known rumours and fake news spread out that currency notes worth Ks- 5,000 and Ks-10,000 officially published by the State will be demonetized.
  2. While placing emphasis on stabilizing the monetary system regarding the above- mentioned issue, the Central Bank of Myanmar issued an information dated 3-2- 2021 that banks are firmly giving services to customers in accord with the rules;, that the people can trustfully continue use of monetary and banking services without worries‘, and the directive has been given to banks to operate banking services as usual. As such, the spreading of news is just rootless information.
  3. As Sub-section (e) of Section 36 of the Constitution (2008) of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar stipulates: “The Union shall not demonetize the currency legally in circulation, information was announced that the people should not believe the rumours spreading out among them and they can continue trustful use of currency notes worth Ks-5,000 and Ks-10,000.

State Administration Council


Source: Myanmar Army News

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