Fisheries export to Bangladesh earns over $6 million within 2 months

Myanmar’s fisheries export to Bangladesh earned more than $6 million between mid-October to the end of December in the 2021-2022 financial year.
Within over two months, the marine export sector received more than $6 million, while there was only $4.77 million within nine months of the previous FY. Thus, the marine export netted much foreign income within a few months due to the income taxes of vessels that directly export to Teknaf land port in Bangladesh.
“The exports to Bangladesh collected $4.77 million during the previous FY. We brought in more than $6 million within two months and a half of the 2021-2022FY. The income is also secured from the vessels that directly export fisheries products to the port of Bangladesh. We always look for a way to earn income for the country and submit it to the state government. We discussed with state government officials and the department carried out effective systems to bring in the foreign income much more than the previous years,” said U Thet Oo, the Head of the Fisheries Department of Rakhine State.
The Sittway and Maungtaw border trade camps of Rakhine State resumed operations on 14 October 2021. The department set an estimation to obtain extra income starting October and it received $5 per tonne of vessels and $50 for vessel registration. In November, it earned $1,025.59 for 11 vessels. Between October and December 2021, the 5,547.575 tonnes of freshwater fish and dried fish export generate $6,677,029.60.
Sixty-five per cent of freshwater products are exported to Bangladesh, while there is 75 per cent of freshwater Rohita. Other fish species, onion, jaggery and some seeds are also shipped to Bangladesh. Myanmar’s fishery products are packaged and re-exported to the Middle East via Bangladesh.
The rice, dried anchovies, sea fish, corn, peanut and betel products of Rakhine State were exported to Bangladesh and currently, the operation is suspended, and the trade flow runs with the marine products of Yangon and upper Myanmar. The Rakhine State Fisheries Department obtained more than $6 million from the fisheries export within two months of the 2021-2022FY for the country.

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