Ministry of Electric Power Issues Six Hydropower Tenders . Closing Date: 5 Aug 2022

The Department of Hydropower Implementation (“DHPI”) at the Ministry of Electric Power (“MoEP”), under the State Administration Council (“SAC”), has issued tenders inviting private investment for the implementation of hydropower projects in Myanmar. The details of these project are as follows:

S/NoProject Name & Tender No.Invited ActivitiesDate, Time and Place of Tender  Submission
1Phone Innka Hydropower  Project  (Tender No.07/DHPI  (P&W)/2022-2023)  Feasibility Study and  Project implementationDate: 18-11-2022  Time: 10:30 am (MM Time)  Address: Department of  Hydropower Implementation,  Meeting Hall, (Building No.27),  3-level Building, new office,  Naypyidaw
2Kasan Hydropower Project  (Tender No.08/DHPI  (P&W)/2022-2023)Same as aboveDate: 18-11-2022  Time: 11:00 am (MM Time)  Address: Same as above
3Nam Mae Sai Hydropower  (Tender No.09/DHPI  (P&W)/2022-2023)Same as aboveDate: 18-11-2022  Time: 11:30 am (MM Time)  Address: Same as above
4Namkan Hydropower Project  (Tender No.10/DHPI  (P&W)/2022-2023)Same as aboveDate: 18-11-2022  Time: 01:00 pm (MM Time)  Address: Same as above
5Nam Tabat (Kayah State)  (Tender No.11/DHPI  (P&W)/2022-2023)Same as aboveDate: 18-11-2022  Time: 01:00 pm (MM Time)  Address: Same as above
6Upper Sedawgyi  Hydropower  (Tender No.12/DHPISame as aboveDate: 18-11-2022  Time: 02:00 pm (MM Time)  Address: Same as above
Date of selling tender application forms: From 18-07-2022 to 05-08-2022 (Exclusive of public holidays)
Time of selling tender application forms: From 10:00 am to 15.00 pm (MM Time)
Place of selling tender application forms: Department of Hydropower Implementation, Meeting Hall, (Building No. 27), 3-level Building, new office, Naypyidaw
Applicable fee per tender document: Myanmar Kyat 500,000 (USD 270)

One representative from interested companies will be permitted a visit to purchase the tender documents. The visitor will be required to follow Covid-19 protocols, such as wearing a mask or face shield.

Some of the largest rivers in the ASEAN region are in Myanmar. The International Hydropower Association has identified potential hydropower of up to 100GW, Myanmar still has one of the lowest electrification rates in Southeast Asia.

Hydropower currently provides two-thirds of the country’s electricity, with approximately 3,151MW of installed capacity from 27 hydropower plants with 10MW capacity, and 35 hydropower plants with less than 10MW. Given the enormous potential, Myanmar has pursued policy reforms to capitalize on its natural resources, spur development and attract private investment.

With the assistance of the Asian Development Bank, the national energy policy has been reformed, with a new Electricity Law passed in October 2014, and a new Investment Law passed in 2016.

Source: MOEP

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