If Ruble, Yuan and Rupee can be used instead of US dollars in world trade, the financial bullying of big countries will be overcome: SAC Chair

If the Ruble, Yuan and Rupee could be used instead of US dollars in the world trade, the financial abuse of big countries would be overcome, said the chairman of the State Administration Council (SAC) and Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.

He added the above in his speech at the 7th Eastern Economic Forum 2022 being held in Russia on September 7.

“Since various countries of the world are buying and importing food products that cannot be produced domestically in the international market, it has been found that financial security is influencing food security. Some big countries are using the US dollar as a weapon to trade support materials, including fuel and fertilizers needed for agriculture, which is keys to food security and is created in conjunction with financial security, so small countries are being bullied by the US dollars of big countries. In economic matters, it is also found that the small countries cannot go against the big countries. We, in the world trade, can use currencies like Ruble, Yuan and Rupee instead of US dollars. In addition, the commodity exchange system can replace the US dollars,” said senior General Min Aung Hlaing.

He said that if they do the above, the small countries will be able to overcome the difficulties of being bullied financially, and he would like to appeal to powerful friendly countries to help solve the problem.

Source: Eleven Myanmar

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