Auditing Requirement in Myanmar

If you are a newly registered company you have up to 18 months from date of incorporation to do your account and to have your Annual General Meeting to review your account. Please check with your auditor whether it is more beneficial for you from a tax perspective to submit your audited account at the end of financial year on 31st Mar 20xx (as in item 2 above) or to wait for end of 18 months.

Take note that:

  • The financial year in Myanmar ends on 31st Mar 20xx every year. After that you have 2 months to do your accounts and to submit to the Inland Revenue Department your taxes. (Please check with your auditor on the submit by date as it may change from year to year)
  • It is mandatory to appoint an Auditor to audit your accounts and for them to calculate your tax and to submit their audit report to the Income Tax Department.

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