Yangon authorities mull street lockdown over new COVID-19 patient

UPDATED: Yangon authorities have quarantined 26 residents, including 2 children who live on Nilar 1 Street, Ga Ngal quarter in North Okkapala township, at the Bayintnaung Tatmadaw Interrogaton Facility. The township is where the latest confirmed COVID-19 patient, a 63-year-old woman, lived in a hostel, a regional legislator said on Wednesday. “We found the COVID-19 […]

COVID-19 pandemic pushes reluctant Aung San Suu Kyi to Facebook

YANGON: Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi cited the coronavirus pandemic as the impetus for reluctantly creating her first personal Facebook account in a post on Wednesday (Apr 1). Since coming to power in 2016, Suu Kyi has largely communicated through formal statements and public meetings. She rarely gives press conferences or interviews. Advertisement READ: […]

All Homecoming Migrant Workers Must Stay in Quarantine Centers: Myanmar Govt

angon – Myanmar’s government has urged all migrant workers who are hoping to return home overland to wait for two weeks or face quarantine upon arrival. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said quarantine centers were being prepared to hold returnees for 14 days. No more returnees will be allowed to head straight to their homes […]

Mandalay weavers to copyright traditional designs

Traditional textile manufacturers are will form a national association to seek an international patent and copyright on Myanma acheik silk designs, an official of a Mandalay-based weaver association said. Daw Myint Myint Than, vice chair of the Mandalay Textile and Weaving Manufacturers Association, said an organising committee will work on forming the group this year. […]

Myanmar Forms Civil-Military Emergency Task Force to Boost COVID-19 Response

YANGON—Amid climbing number of COVID-19 infections, Myanmar has formed an emergency task force with military and civilian ministries to support measures around law enforcement and stability and to step up government efforts to respond to the pandemic in the country. As of Tuesday, the country has confirmed a total of 14 COVID-19 cases including 1 […]

Malaysian cooperative in talks to acquire Myanmar sugar, rice

A cooperative for former members of the Malaysian armed forces has expressed interest in acquiring sugar and rice from Myanmar, the Ministry of Commerce announced on March 19. According to the ministry’s statement, Koperasi Veteran Tentera Malaysia Berhad, a cooperative formed for the welfare of former Malaysian armed forces members, contacted the Myanmar embassy in […]

COVID-19 and the real estate sector

Late last week the government warned against holding festivals and avoiding large public gatherings to minimise any potential spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Myanmar. Following that advice, a number of Myanmar real estate exhibitions were cancelled. Despite the high levels of local interest in the real estate market, such gatherings will be suspended until […]

At least 10,000 now unemployed in Yangon garment sector

At least 20 out of the 500 factories in Myanmar have shut down, leaving more than 10,000 potentially unemployed as a result of COVID-19. Most of the factories are in the garment manufacturing sector. Due to disruptions in the raw material supply chain from China since January, 15 factories have permanently ceased operations, while another […]

Myanmar’s Nurses, Doctors Face Eviction as Landlords Panic Over COVID-19

MANDALAY—With three confirmed COVID-19 cases in Myanmar, dozens of nurses, doctors and health workers in Mandalay staying at private hostels are being evicted as their landlords are afraid that the tenants could transmit the virus. In Myanmar, most junior doctors, nurses and lab technicians who work in areas far from their homes have to stay […]

20%-40% of pregnant women in Myanmar suffer from diabetes

In Myanmar 20 percent to 40 percent of pregnant women suffer from diabetes, according to a nationwide survey. In the world also, 199 million women are suffering from diabetes and the number is likely to reach 303 million by 2040, according to data from the World Health Organization. Diabetic women patients need to take care […]