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What are the situations that you would look for a local Myanmar business partner?

  • In restricted industries it may be mandatory for foreign investors to partner with a Myanmar citizen or enterprise in order to invest in these industries. Example would be in the area of real estate agency, manufacturing and distribution of confectionery products for local distribution and sales, setting up private hospitals, etc
  • If you are a business owner and you source products from countries such as China or Thailand where cost has been increasing rapidly year by year due to rising wages – you may want to find a local manufacturing partner in Myanmar who can supply you with more cost competitive goods. Myanmar’s average wage cost per factory worker is like 25% that of China’s.
  • If you are a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products or building & construction products for example and would like to find a reliable local distributor.
  • If you are a specialized geological company servicing the oil & gas and mining industries and your service is called upon only when there is an open tender and you need to look for an experienced local representative who can work for you on a 20-hours-week preferably from home. However when there is an open tender you need your local representative to work full time for 3 months at a stretch from a service office.

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