Colliers Property Report – Yangon Condominium Q3 2020

Summary & Recommendations While sales are presently impacted from prolonged lockdown measures, buyers’ preference towards lower tier condominiums appears continually emerging. This has also been recently reinforced with lowering of interest rates by the Central Bank. Meanwhile, given the relatively static unsold inventories, developers are continually encouraged to ramp and speed up sales efforts. This, […]

Colliers Property Report – Myanmar Hotel Market Report Q3 2020

Summary & Recommendations Despite calls to partially ease travel and flight restrictions amid stricter health and safety protocols, it has become clear that a full recovery is likely to be a tedious process, and the tourism industry, which contributed almost 7% of the total GDP in 2019, may not return to pre-pandemic levels, at least […]

Colliers Property Report – Yangon serviced apartment supply Q3 2020

Summary & Recommendations As of Q3 2020, Yangon’s serviced apartment market witnessed a decline in demand albeit modestly compared to the level a year ago.The overall performance,in fact,appeared more resilient than expected especially in comparison to their hotel counterparts.Moving froward,Colliers sees serviced apartment likely to fare better given its self-contained environment and more personalized offerings […]

Colliers Property Report – Yangon office stock Q2 2020

Summary & Recommendations Yangon’s total leasable area increased by nearly 3% QOQ. As we have noted, most new supply due in H1 2020 was delivered as scheduled. Office construction will not likely witness delays by the end of this year, compared to other property segments of the city. As for leasing decisions, they were relatively […]

Colliers Property Report – Yangon Retail Q2 2020

LOOKING BEYOND THE AFTERMATH OF THE CRISIS Summary & Recommendations Although a slow but steady recovery of footfall has been seen in major shopping malls of Yangon, the retail activities have yet to reach to the pre-pandemic levels as at the end of Q2 2020. In fact, the impact of this pandemic is far from […]

Colliers Property Report – Yangon condominium stock Q1 2020

Summary & Recommendations The outbreak that started in Wuhan, China, has now spread to almost 40 other countries, including Myanmar. Its impact on the country, specifically Yangon’s residential market, is unprecedented in terms of the level of uncertainty it has created amongst stakeholders. As it has been a consistent theme over past years, we see […]

Colliers Property Report –Yangon serviced apartment supply Q1 2020

Summary & Recommendations As more and more townships in Yangon go into lockdown as a result of COVID-19, the serviced apartment sector is expected to experience a long stall in demand and possible decline in occupancy given recent repatriation of many expatriates. This downward pressure will be further exacerbated by a significant increase in supply […]

Colliers Property Report –Yangon Retail Supply Stock Q4 2019

Summary & Recommendations With the opening of Times City and The Secretariat, Yangon continues to witness retail sector modernisation pivoted on the hybrid of shopping malls and privately occupied public spaces. Meanwhile, the citywide occupancy levels remain healthy as at the end of Q4 2019. Given the shifting preference for entertainment, Colliers expects more innovative […]

Picon-Deed Report: Mon State Property Market Report January 2020

State set to benefit from strategic position Summary Industrial potential from raw materials and location Growing awareness of tourism potential in the state Strong spending power supports further retail development Hotel development set to continue as Mon State develops further INTRODUCTION Mon State is in a strategic location close to Yangon with sea access, various […]

Colliers Property Report – Yangon Office Stock Q4 2019

Summary & Recommendations A boost in aggregate supply was documented towards the end of 2019, leading the total stock to surpass the 400,000 sq meter mark.This is owed to the recent completion of Times City Office Tower . Amidst the observed deferrals in select developments,Colliers still projects Yangon to witness a notable surge in 2020. […]