Document required to register an INGO

Please provide the registered name of your organization at Head Office level that is registered outside Myanmar
Who are the founder(s) or director(s) in the organization at the Head Office level that have strategic control of the organization
Who are the officer(s) that will be based in Myanmar and running the organization on a day-to-day basis?

Sponsoring Ministries in Myanmar

Who are the ministries in Myanmar that the organization will work with and who will be its sponsor in Myanmar i.e. the director in that Ministry must be willing to write a letter of recommendation to the Myanmar's Minister of Home Affairs recommending that the organization should be allowed to register in Myanmar as as INGO
Please provide details of the projects you intend to undertake in Myanmar and why these activities are beneficial to the Myanmar people.
Please list number of members both outside Myanmar and inside Myanmar

Required Documentation

Please send the document to us via email at info (at) consult-myanmar (dot) com . Take note that we do not accept fax transmission. If you need to courier any document to us - please use DHL. Other couriers may not have offices in Myanmar.

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