Document required to register Overseas Corporation in Myanmar

Please fill up all the text boxes below. If you are not sure how to fill up the box just put “Not Sure” in the text box and we will help you to fill it up later.

Identification of Overseas Corporation

Identity of Parent Company
me of overseas corporation must not be identical to another body corporate already registered in Myanmar, in order to avoid confusion it can include its country of incorporation or other word or phrase in its name to avoid such potential confusion. E.g. "Victory Singapore Limited (Myanmar Rep Office)"

Name of Overseas Corporation in Myanmar

If your company name is ABC Pte Ltd the Rep office name will be ABC Pte Ltd (Myanmar Rep Office) or ABC Myanmar Rep Office (Incorporated in Singapore). Please choose one format for your company name. We will advice you if the name you choose is confusing or is similar to that of another company registered in Myanmar.
f you don't have a registered office in Myanmar you can rent our office address for the purpose of company registration only. We charge USD 600 for 1 year - this fee includes 1 year of free Corporate Secretarial Service.

Appointment of Authorized Representative

An Authorized Officer (AO) must spend 183 out of 365 days in Myanmar. The AO can be a foreigner. This is a requirement stated under the new Myanmar Companies Law of 2017.

Required Documentation

Please send the document to us via email at info (at) consult-myanmar (dot) com . Take note that we do not accept fax transmission. If you need to courier any document to us - please use DHL. Other couriers may not have offices in Myanmar.
* need to be translated into English if it is in a foreign language and must not be more than 30 days old when submitted for application
#need to be translated into Myanmar language and be certified by a Director of the company, accompanied by an English language summary.

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