e-Stay Extension for e-Visa (Business) holder

If you have a valid e-Visa (Business) or a FRC (Foreign Registration Certificate) – you can apply for Stay Extension for 3/6/12 months and Re-entry Visa for a Single Re-entry or Multiple Re-entry. extension of the stay in Myanmar.

According to the new announcement, with effect from 14 September 2022, the following new regulations shall apply to the company that is sponsoring your visa extension – the company must apply for the Recommendation Letters with DICA at least 90 to 120 days before expiry of the foreigner’s current stay permit or visa.

To apply for a Recommendation Letter, employers shall submit the following documents and information with DICA:

  • Company Extract;
  • Current business activities of the company (including copies of any permits or licenses issued to the company by relevant government agencies or organizations, as well as business contracts showing the employer’s business activities in Myanmar);
  • Undertaking letter signed on behalf of the board of directors ensuring that they act as a “guarantee” for the foreigner while he/she is in Myanmar;
  • Copies of tax returns or audited financial statements of current and previous two (2) fiscal years or other evidence of income tax payments;
  • Completed CV Form in the format issued by DICA;
  • Job description and the foreign employee’s duties within the company;
  • Professional qualification certificates of the foreigner and copy of employment contract;
  • For any subsequent visa extensions: evidence of personal income tax payments;
  • List of all foreign employees of the company, including full names, nationalities, passport numbers and phone numbers; and
  • Copy of the passport and two colored passport photos (1.5 x 2 inches) of every person seeking visa extension.

To learn more go to https://estay.moip.gov.mm/home/faq

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