Foreign companies allowed to import office equipment and service related equipment

Under Ministry of Commerce Notification No. 57/2018 dated 21st Dec 2018 – foreign companies, NGO and branches of foreign companies are allowed to import office equipment and services related equipment that are vital to their service business.

The conditions of import are:

  1. Shall apply Export/Import Certificate for companies and branch offices, registration number which is permitted to import for non-governmental organizations according to the rules and procedures.
  2. Shall import office equipment only.
  3. Shall import service related equipment only if it is a service business.
  4. Imported equipment shall not be sold to the public.
  5. Shall import according to the rules and procedures of the relevant departments of the equipment to be imported.
  6. Shall promise the required office or service related equipment are based on the actual demand based of the business

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