IE Singapore’s Global Company Partnership (GCP) Grant

To support the internationalization efforts of Singapore companies the GCP Grant helps company to defray eligible costs of overseas expansion projects in capability building, market access and manpower development.

Funding Support

  • For SMEs1 – up to 70% of eligible costs incurred. To date we have not heard what the upper limit to this grant is – so technically you can get a grant of > USD 20,000 which is the cap set for the IE Singapore’s MRA Grant.  Valid until 31st March 2018.
  • For non SMEs – Up to 50% of eligible costs incurred.

1 SME is defined as a company whose turnover does not exceed SGD 100 million based on the most recent audited report.

Capability Building

Market Access

*** A pilot and test bedding project should help a company demonstrate the viability of their solution, establish a track record to scale the solution in overseas markets, and be non-revenue generating. Eligible expenses for qualifying projects include costs of hardware, software, manpower and third-party costs for up to 6 months.

Manpower Development

To qualify for financial support, you need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Global HQ 2 anchored in Singapore i.e. you have a holding company in Singapore
  • An Annual sales turnover of ≥ SGD 500,000 based on the most recent audited report
  • A minimum paid-up capital of SGD 50,000.

2 Global HQ refers to global management control and decision making functions based in Singapore. (Indicator could include the global CXOs being based in Singapore; board meetings are held in Singapore, etc).

We are a Singaporean owned company here in Myanmar and we have assisted many Singapore companies with their market entry strategy into Myanmar and also assisted them in getting IE Singapore’s GCP Funding support. You can see who our Founder & MD is by clicking here. You can see our client list by clicking here.

To find out how we can help you to reduce the risk of entering the Myanmar market while taking advantage of this generous grant from IE Singapore by filling out the form below:

Take note that IE Singapore's MRA Funding is only available to Singapore registered company whose shareholders are Singapore citizen or Singapore PR.

If you are a Singapore company with sales turnover of < SGD 500,00 you can still tap into the IE Singapore’s MRA Grant to expand overseas. To learn more click here.