Company Registration in 1 day

Under the new Myanmar Company Law 2017 that become effective on 1st August 2018 you can incorporate 4 types of legal entity in Myanmar:

For-Profit Organization

  1. Private Company whose liability is limited by share.
    • This form is ideal for Commercial For-Profit organization.
    • For foreign companies that need to get an import licence or get business permit from the various Myanmar ministries that are issued only to Myanmar citizen – they need to incorporate a JV company whose shareholding ration is 65%/35% (Myanmar citizen/Foreigner). A 65%/35% JV company of this nature is considered to be a “local” Myanmar company under the new Myanmar Company Law.
  2. Overseas Corporation.
    • This is basically a Myanmar Branch of a company that has been Incorporated outside Myanmar. Take note that an overseas corporation is not a limited liability entity.

To register a For-Profit Organization, click here

Not-for-Profit Organization

  1. Private Company whose liability is limited by guarantee.
    • This form is ideal for Not-for-Profit organization such club, sporting association, community project or membership organization.
  2. Business Association
    • This form is ideal for Chamber of Commerce or Business Association whose purpose is to promote commerce that will benefit Myanmar’s economy and are Non-Profit in nature. The liability of the Business Association is limited by the guarantee given by its members.

To register a Not-for-Profit Organization, click here