Need information on potential business partners?

You have spent a few weeks in Myanmar talking to potential business partners. Everyone claimed to be well connected, familiar with the industry, enthusiastic to work with you and the decision maker in their respective companies. Who do you choose? Who can you trust?

Myanmar may be the final frontier but it need not be a black hole in terms on getting relevant information about potential business partners.

If you are entering into a JV we can help to verify key information about the target company that you are entering a JV with. Information such as:

  • Is the company a legally registered company?
  • How long has the company been in existence?
  • Who are the shareholders and directors?
  • Who are the majority shareholders who have controlling stake in the company?
  • If the company had filed an annual report with the Company Registrar the previous year.
  • If the shareholders have interest in other companies that you may have issue with such as competing products, unethical operations or they are simply owned by people on the US Sanction List which as a listed company you cannot be doing business with.
  • What their customers say about the company in terms of service and product versus the competition?
  • If your potential partner is a factory owner who is going to supply goods to you – we can check if they are using child labour, if there are alot of industrial actions at the factory or if there are any other things you should know about that is against your corporate governance that can potentially embarrass you as a listed company.

If you think that it is prudent to spend US$1,000 so that US$100,000 is well invested then fill up the form below:

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